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Top Dog Training are now authorised agents for

Dog food products

Welcome to our website and we are pleased to introduce you to the Chapel Farm Dog Food range. The passion and commitment to quality that have gone into the development of Chapel Farm three types of dog foods mirror the standards and values that "Chapel Farm" have been working to since the "Buccleuch Estate Labrador" line started in 1825. Chapel Farm is the home of the Buccleuch Kennels which are situated on the Queensberry Estate in the Lowther Hills in Dumfries & Galloway.

As Authorised Agents for Chaple Farm Dog Food Products Top Dog Training offer
the following Dog Food Products (Call Mbl: 07765650833 For further details and prices):

Chapel Farm Original 20

If you would like a food that meets all your requirements, why not try our tasty Chapel Farm Original 20? It will still meet your dog's daily dietary requirements but will help to take some of the spark out of the fire whilst still leaving him bright eyed and bushy tailed.

* Rich in chicken with whole grains
* With Scottish Salmon oil
* With essential fatty acids
* With added beet pulp

Chapel Farm Original 20 is an all-round totally balanced diet that is suitable for feeding all breeds of working or companion dog. This is the food we recommend using during rest periods when the dogs are not working or training as hard which we have been feeding at the Buccleuch Gundog Kennels for the last four years.

We recommend this variety of the range for feeding all athletic types of dogs, including gundogs, working and pastoral breeds. 

Chapel Farm Performance 24

When you need to put a spring back in their step, why not try our tasty Chapel Farm Performance 24?
The nutritious formulation will leave your dog feeling hale and hearty and full of life.

* Rich in beef & oats
* With Scottish Salmon oil
* With added glucosamine & green lipped mussel
* With added milk thistle, marigold & seaweed

The Performance 24 is full of wholesome nutritious ingredients that are 100% complete being totally balanced for maximum nourishment. This variety in the range aims to provide your dog with an extra boost of energy and stamina which is needed in the lead up to the shooting season.
It is important to maintain weight and condition on your dog, especially in the cold winter months when they will be burning body fat to keep warm, out with any physical activity.
Performance 24 has the same higher protein content as the Performance Plus 24 and we have priced this variety to suit all budgets for a premium working dog food. 

Chapel Farm Performance 24+

When you would like to push the boat out and give your dog a lift with extra nutritional support, why not try our tasty Chapel Farm Performance 24+? It will provide optimum nutrition and you'll see your dog flourish in peak condition whilst bursting with energy.

* Premium chicken dinner
* Wheat gluten free recipe
* With added glucosamine & herbs
* With added carnitine & Scottish Salmon oil

The Performance Plus 24 is the superior variety of the Chapel Farm range. We recommend this variety for achieving the highest level of results from your working or competition dogs. During training, working and competing dogs will use incredible amounts of energy; Performance 24+ was designed with this in mind. This variety of our Chapel Farm Dog Food range can also be fed to whelping bitches and young dogs from six months onwards. At the Chapel Farm kennels we feed all the young dogs and those who David intends to compete with on Performance 24+ as they will be training and using a lot of energy and need a nutritious diet that enables them to be in peak condition both physically and mentally in order to achieve the best results.

Top Dog Training Instructors
are certified Kennel Club Good Citizen Examiners up to Gold Standard.

Mbl: 07765650833
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